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daily portrait berlin book

159.00 EUR

by Martin Gabriel Pavel and Marek Kučera


A big photography book of 381 naked Berliners in their homes. The Art Project.

You are at home in your apartment, making tea and suddenly someone rings the doorbell. It's a complete stranger. He has a camera and is going to photograph you, naked. You have to get undress... That's the idea behind Daily Portrait Berlin. During 18 month, a digital camera has been travelling around in the city of Berlin, passing from hand to hand, linking strangers, and creating a mosaic of stories and portraits of contemporary Berlin, showing society as it is, without prejudice.

Size: 24 x 30cm
Pages: 436 (incl. Cover)
High quality print finishing
Printing technology: Offset
Paper: LuxoArt Samt 150g
Binding: V8 flexo
ISBN: 978-80-270-2148-2


Czech Republic: 2 work days
Europe: 5 work days
Worldwide: 7-29 work days

Please note that depending on the postal service, and holidays, within the destination country, these times may vary slightly.